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InvisiHear Symphony Custom ITC

201 reviews

First ever custom-molded ITC hearing aids available online. Use our impression kit to make your ear mold or let us book an appointment for you at a local audiologist for your impressions. Once taken send to us and we precision-manufacture an advanced, custom-fit hearing aid for to your unique ear canal.


Only Custom Molded


Available Online


First ever custom-molded fully programmable Hearing aid available online.


Custom fit to your ear canal, fully programmable to your Audiogram 250-8KHZ.

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Save thousands buying direct vs. buying from an audiologist.


How it Works

Receive Kit & Take Impression

Step 01 1

You’ll receive our kit and everything that is needed to take a great impression

Precision Manufactured Just For You

IMG 0591 1 1

Our lab technicians produce a state-of-the-art, medical grade hearing aid fit to your exact ear mold

Programmed to Your Eхаст Audiogram

Step 03 1

Connect to our app and take our audiologist-developed hearing test or upload audiogram from your doctor

Why Choose InvisiHear?

manufacturing 2

InvisiHear has been precision manufacturing professional grade hearing aids for prominent hospitals and clinics around the globe for over 11 years.

Layer 1

Your impression is sent to our factory where a 3D scan is created and uploaded into our proprietary shell printing machine to produce your custom fitted exterior.


Our proprietary USA-made, multi-core processor along with other advanced components are loaded into your shell and ultrasonically sealed.


Our team of expert audiologists meticulously evaluates the sound quality, clarity, and amplification capabilities of each custom device. Additionally, we conduct durability tests to guarantee that our hearing aids can withstand everyday wear and tear.

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Concierge and Remote Fitting

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All customers are assigned a specialist to guide them through the Impression Process.


Submit your audiogram and your assigned specialist will load prior to shipping (or take our hearing test).

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US-based specialist team will assist you with fine tuning remotely for a perfect fit.


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Go to My Audiologist

Local audiologists typically offer Ear Impressions as a standalone service for 50-100 USD. Whole process takes 20 minutes

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Do it Myself

You'll receive an ear impression kit with simple to follow instructions. An InvisiHear specialist will schedule a video appointment to guide you step by step.

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Use My Old Hearing Aid

If you already have an older model custom hearing aid that can also be used as your mold.

Why Choose a Custom

Molded Hearing Aid?

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Fit to the exact shape of your ear canal

Group 2 2

Sound Quality

Fit to your ear canal to replicate natural hearing

Group 3 2


Completely discreet, you won’t even know you’re wearing them!

Was ist Enthalten

InvisiHear Symphony ITC

Custom-Molded to Your Ear Canal

Invisible Design

Advanced DSP Processor

Blaids Mobile App

Audiologe-Entwickelt Hörtest

Autofit für Ihre Audiogramm

4 Benutzerdefinierte Modi

Blaids Pflege

Live-Spezialisten Zur Verfügung

Unbegrenzte Follow-Up-Anpassungen


Our Story

Customer Reviews

FDA Registriert

45 Tage Geld-Zurück-Garantie


Schnelle Weltweite Versand

65% Mehr Komfortable

Hörgeräte-Industrie Ist Gebrochen

Die Hohen Kosten von Hörgeräten

Hohe Kosten verhindert, dass 86% der Amerikaner, die brauchen Hörgeräte vor dem Kauf

75% der Versicherungen nicht decken Hörgeräte

6 Firmen kontrollieren 90% der Hörgeräte-Markt

7 1

Unbehandelter Hörverlust Kann

Hörverlust kann mehr schädlich für die soziale Interaktion als Blindheit

Studien zeigen, unbehandelter Hörverlust kann zum frühen Ausbruch der Demenz

Hörgeräte sind der drittgrößte Kauf in das Leben der meisten Menschen


Häufig Gestellte Fragen

Blaids sind entwickelt, um mit leichter bis mittelschwerer Hörverlust. Wir nicht raten unsere Kunden sich auf der Audiologe, Dinge zu tun, wie diagnose und Behandlung von Krankheiten in den Ohren. Aber für Hörgeräte, wir bieten eine Hörtest entwickelt von führenden Audiologen und Konfiguration der Hörgeräte exakt auf Ihre Audiogramm, gerade wie Sie würde auf einem Audiologen s office. Wir haben auch remote-follow-up-Betreuung an 7 Tagen in der Woche für Anpassungen, die Ihr Gehör im Laufe der Zeit ändert. 

Blaids bietet medical-grade-Hörgeräte, die ganz individuell an Ihre Audiogramm. Ihre Blaids kommen mit 48 DSP-Kanälen, die ausgeführt würde, nach oben von $4.000-$5.000 von anderen Anbietern auf dem Markt heute. Blaids geht direkt an der gleichen Fabriken und schneidet die Zwischenhändler, sparen Sie Geld, ohne Abstriche bei der Qualität. In der Regel sound-Verstärker sind nicht angepasst auf Ihre Audiogramm Sie einfach verstärken vorhandenen sounds.

Blaids has an app for both iOS and Android phones that allows you to connect directly to your Blaids and administer an audiologist-developed hearing test right from your phone. After the test your Blaids automatically update to your exact hearing profile. If you still need any adjustments after your autofit Blaids specialists are available 7 days a week to perform remote adjustments until you are completely satisfied.

Ja! Blaids bietet 10% Rabatt auf alle Produkte für Veteranen und Ihre Ehepartner. Darüber hinaus für alle 100 Paare von Blaids verkauft werden, Spenden wir 1 paar ein veteran in not.

Die meisten Krankenversicherungen in den Vereinigten Staaten nicht bieten Versicherungsschutz für Hörgeräte. Die gute Nachricht ist, Blaids geht direkt an die führenden Fabriken Ausschneiden der Zwischenhändler, um Ihnen medizinische-grade Hörgeräte für unter 1.000 US-Dollar. 

You can directly buy tubes and domes from our website. You can find them under the “Accessories” tab on blaidshearing.com

The application is avialable on both Google Play store for Android and Apple app store for iOS. Just search for “Acosound” to find the app and download it. 

Note: Blaids hearing aids are required to use most of the apps features. 

Yes of course. Many of our customers wear glasses and have no issues.

We offer a 2-year factory warranty included with all purchases. Warranty card with details will be included in the box. You can read the warranty policy and return policy on the below link.

Warranty: https://blaids.com/wp-content/uploads/Shipping-Warranty-Policy.pdf

Return: https://blaids.com/wp-content/uploads/Refund-Policy.pdf

Blaids X Pro use standard 312 batteries. If bought from Costco, it will cost on average under $15 per year.

Note: Any brand of 312 batteries will work with Blaids X pro.

The Blaids mobile app allows you to easily upload your existing audiogram to suit your hearing profile. For detailed instructions, please refer to the user manual. 

The hearing aids are needed to take our audiologist-developed hearing test directly in our mobile application. You can also upload an eixting audiogram from your doctor. 

Our Blaids app offers virtually unlimited configurability for your hearing aids. Easily adjust the gain on each frequency, reduced feedback, enhance speech amplification, reduced background noise, ajust Bass and Treble and much more.

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Buy Accessories

Enhance Your Hearing Experience with FDA-Registered, Medical Grade Accessories for Your Configurable Hearing Aids change to Buy accessories for your BlaidsX Pro
Based on 201 reviews

An excellent investment in hearing health. Beats Signia and Oticon at a fraction of the cost. Clear hearing in all environments.

Loved it so much I bought one for my wife! GREAT customer service.

Love this hearing aid!

Opted for Blaids over Costco models – no regrets. Clarity in all situations. The price is unbeatable for the features they offer.

The rechargeable batteries last longer than expected. Performance in loud environments is on par with high-end brands for $5,000+

Best customer service I've ever worked with. Spoke to a real, USA-based human right away!

I've not seen a 48 DSP channel hearing aid that is programmable ever be sold at this price. I tried Lexie and Sony and Blaids is far superior. Recommending it to all!

BlaidsX Neuro is the best hearing aid I have tried (using hearing aids for over 20 years). It's easy to program and use. Didn't even need help from my granddaughter! Highly recommend.

BlaidsX Neuro is a revelation in affordable hearing aids. Easily beats others I have tried like Starkey and Costco models. Clear hearing in all situations.

Opted for Blaids over Signia, no regrets. The clear sound and versatile modes make it stand out. Recommending it to my friends. My father and sister have also bought a pair!

Switching between modes is a breeze. BlaidsX Neuro competes well with Phonak and Oticon. Affordable and efficient – a win-win. Loved that I could upload my own audiogram from my doctor!

Cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. Outperforms Oticon and Starkey. The sleek design is a bonus.

The BlaidsX Neuro is a game-changer. Clear hearing in all settings. Priced way below competitors like Resound and Phonak.

Remarkable performance in noisy and quiet environments. Clarity is unmatched. Recommending Blaids to everyone with hearing loss!

The BlaidsX Neuro impressed me with its customization options. The batteries last over 24 hours per charge, outlasting competitors.

Aesthetically pleasing, competing well with Costco models. At this price, it's a gem compared to other brands.

Unbelievable value for the cost. Comparable to Signia and Resound, but at a fraction of the price. Perfect for an active lifestyle.

The programmability is what sets Blaids apart from other hearing aids available online. The batteries last long (all day), and the ease of switching between modes is perfect throughout my work day.

Opted for the BlaidsX Neuro, thrilled with the mobile audiogram. No audiologist visits needed. Performance in preset settings is impressive.

The BlaidsX Neuro offers luxury at an unbeatable price. Comparing it to Oticon and Starkey, it's a steal. Highly recommended for clear, professional hearing aids.

The BlaidsX Neuro stands out with its small design while maintaining superior sound quality, surpassing my experience with Phonak and Resound for 1/5 of the price. The custom fitting via mobile hearing test is very convenient and accurate.

Excellent hearing aids

These hearing aids are the best. I purchased the Blaids X neuro. Very easy to use app for the hearing test. They are comfortable, after using them for awhile, you forget you have them in. I have noticed a clarity in my hearing that I had been missing. Even music sounds good while using them. When you call their customer service you speak to one of the techs immediately, no robot to deal with. Very pleased with these hearing aids, recommend them highly.

Finally- user programmable hearing aides !

I am really impressed with the feature set in these hearing aids. I wanted hearing aids that were programmable because my hearing loss in my left ear is much worse compared to my right ear. I was able to upload my audiogram quickly with the help of their excellent Customer Service. The app allows the user to tweak the settings as needed. You can easily switch modes either in the app or on the hearing aid. Once you have your settings loaded, you do not need to connect to your smart phone. However, I am hopeful that there will be s software upgrade soon to utilize more Bluetooth features. I love the rechargeable battery case. Do yourself a favor and try these hearing aids before you buy the more expensive ones. I highly recommend them.

BlaidsX Neuro RIC

Blaids Hearing has a focus on its mission of providing superior hearing aid products at an affordable price with unmatched customer service!
My experience has truly been a wonderful journey to better hearing provided by a friendly knowledgeable customer service and technical specialist staff, bravo!!!!
I am looking forward to additional fine tuning and potential upgrades to maximize hearing with this great hearing aid product.

Sound Investment

I have worked professionally with public speakers for nearly 40 years on conventions, political rallies and meetings of all sorts. During that time I have listened to the presenters on monitors provided by the best audio technicians in the meeting and convention business. I know what good audio sounds like. The BlaidsX Pro BTE were the hearing aids I selected to try, and they have gone beyond my expectations. The sound quality is spot on. The directional source of sound is precise. I chose the replaceable battery model because of my experience with professional sound technicians and their preferred use of batteries. I get six days from the batteries, and have two batteries always nearby so I don't miss a sound. At current prices I figure about $25.00 a year for batteries.

The fact is this review should have been written weeks ago, but I've been too busy listening. The quality takes you by surprise. It sounds natural, not amplified, which is the goal of professional audio reinforcement. Since I do a fair amount of public speaking, I was delighted that I sounded like I always have to myself and to others.

The television volume has been turned up for several years. With these aids the volume is turned way down. That did create a curious issue. Being used to loud TV, the notion that the volume should be increased was an early reaction, but every word was clear, so with some change of habit, the sound remains much lower.

The various settings for different conditions are very helpful, especially "Indoor" for noisy restaurants, and "outdoor" for noisy stadiums. I've used both and could hold a conversation with someone three or four people separated from me. The noise cancellation is terrific.

I live in a big city so there was some difficulty using app's hearing test. The first was interrupted by Mister Softee, a few others by loud car radios or just plain loud cars. On a visit to friends in a rural area I got the quiet I needed to get the best test.

Other things which may concern you. Great technical support, literally 24/7. I wear glasses, these are relatively small and don't cause a problem with glasses. If vanity is a concern for you, these are not likely to be noticed by very many people. The price is outstanding. They come nicely packaged. It would have been helpful for some help in how to choose the piece that goes in your ear (there are 5 ends included) especially for first-timers like me, but I settled quickly on the ones I have stuck with.

Now why the title for this review. It goes back to the familiar saying, "Happy wife, happy life." For several years my response to virtually everything my wife said was , "what"? That went away the moment I put on these hearing aids. This sound investment leads to a "happy life." If you're not hearing what you should, make a sound investment and get Blaids today.

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InvisiHear Symphony Custom ITC
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