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InvisiHear Symphony Custom ITC

221 reviews

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InvisiHear Symphony Custom ITC

221 reviews

First ever custom-molded ITC hearing aids available online. Use our impression kit to make your ear mold or let us book an appointment for you at a local audiologist for your impressions. Once taken send to us and we precision-manufacture an advanced, custom-fit hearing aid for to your unique ear canal.


Only Custom Molded

Hearing Aids

Available Online


First ever custom-molded fully programmable Hearing aid available online.


Custom fit to your ear canal, fully programmable to your Audiogram 250-8KHZ.

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Save thousands buying direct vs. buying from an audiologist.


How it Works

Receive Kit & Take Impression

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You’ll receive our kit and everything that is needed to take a great impression

Precision Manufactured Just For You

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Our lab technicians produce a state-of-the-art, medical grade hearing aid fit to your exact ear mold

Programmed to Your Eхаст Audiogram

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Connect to our app and take our audiologist-developed hearing test or upload audiogram from your doctor

Why Choose InvisiHear?

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InvisiHear has been precision manufacturing professional grade hearing aids for prominent hospitals and clinics around the globe for over 11 years.

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Your impression is sent to our factory where a 3D scan is created and uploaded into our proprietary shell printing machine to produce your custom fitted exterior.


Our proprietary USA-made, multi-core processor along with other advanced components are loaded into your shell and ultrasonically sealed.


Our team of expert audiologists meticulously evaluates the sound quality, clarity, and amplification capabilities of each custom device. Additionally, we conduct durability tests to guarantee that our hearing aids can withstand everyday wear and tear.

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Concierge and Remote Fitting

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All customers are assigned a specialist to guide them through the Impression Process.


Submit your audiogram and your assigned specialist will load prior to shipping (or take our hearing test).

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US-based specialist team will assist you with fine tuning remotely for a perfect fit.


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Go to My Audiologist

Local audiologists typically offer Ear Impressions as a standalone service for 50-100 USD. Whole process takes 20 minutes

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Do it Myself

You'll receive an ear impression kit with simple to follow instructions. An InvisiHear specialist will schedule a video appointment to guide you step by step.

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Use My Old Hearing Aid

If you already have an older model custom hearing aid that can also be used as your mold.

Why Choose a Custom

Molded Hearing Aid?

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Fit to the exact shape of your ear canal

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Sound Quality

Fit to your ear canal to replicate natural hearing

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Completely discreet, you won’t even know you’re wearing them!

What's Included

InvisiHear Symphony ITC

Custom-Molded to Your Ear Canal

Invisible Design

Advanced DSP Processor

Blaids Mobile App

Audiologist-Developed Hearing Test

Autofit to your Audiogram

4 Custom Modes

Blaids Care

Live Specialists Available

Unlimited Follow-Up Adjustments

2-Year Warranty

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