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BlaidsX Neuro Rechargable RIC

221 reviews

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BlaidsX Neuro Rechargable RIC

221 reviews

Custom-fit hearing aids ordered direct from factory to save you money without compromising quality. Audiologist-developed hearing test from 250-8k Hz to help you achieve a perfect fit. Unlimited remote specialist support.


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Difference between 2B and 3B tubes
Blaids ric

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*Average Price Paid For 1 Pair According to Hearing Tracker Survey
Cartel Comparison
1 4
2 6
3 5
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What's Included

BlaidsX Hearing Aids

FDA Registered

Noise Cancelling Tech

Sleek Design

Blaids Mobile App

Audiologist-Developed Hearing Test

Autofit to your Audiogram

4 Custom Modes

Blaids Care

Live Specialists Available

Unlimited Follow-Up Adjustments

2-Year Warranty

Our Story

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Excellent Sound Quality

Directional dual microphone technology, wind + transient noise management system, advanced environment detection and noise reduction system, and environment recognition management system leading to tens of thousands of happy customers over 100 countries.


Sleek Design & Discreet Fit

100% design satisfaction rating across thousands of happy Blaids customers